The company “BAM International” has consist of QA/QC Manager & Inspectors who are the key staff members to our management team and quality controls from each discipline who are technically qualified to check the work and standards. Documents covering all QA/QC activities must be witnessed by client authorized representatives.


Prior to the starting of quality control group consisting of QA/QC Engineer and QC inspector will be assigned by the “BAM International” management.

They will be responsible for monitoring all quality control activities and documentation in accordance with the site requirement.

The first duty of QA/QC Engineer is to study the scope of works and special requirements for the project, assigned by the quality controllers from each discipline. He will establish the needs for developing the details of quality control requirement. This will involve the preparation and instruction for each contracting category, selection of recording and reporting forms, obtaining the required standards and specifications etc. to gather with instruction on cost, cording, cost control, progress control and schedule etc. this will form the complete job instruction manual.

Quality control will be the prime duty of Project ln—charge and his supervisory team. Each project will be manned with experienced supervisory team. Each project will be manned with experienced supervisory personnel, each specialized in one or more construction categories such as underground foundation, heavy load bearing foundation, commercial building, fabrication, machinery installation rigging, surveying etc.

The Project In—charge assisted by QA/QC Engineer will brief each supervisor on the special requirements of the project standards and specification.