Programmable logic controllers,  PLCs or  programmable  controllers,  form  a vital part  of  the modern  industrial  control  systems  that  allow  many  businesses  to automate large parts of their operations. A range of industries of varying sizes – from the most basic manufacturing to large-scale mining and resource extraction operations –  rely  on  PLCs to  keep  things  running  smoothly. Thus, when  they malfunction  or  stop  working  completely,  it  can  place  an  enormous  burden  on businesses and disrupt profitability.

We are specialists in the testing, diagnostics and repair of a wide range of PLCs  across the full spectrum of industries and applications. We have a well-developed ability  to  work  on  out-of-warranty  and  end-of-life  product  where  there  is little  to  no  support from the original manufacturer. Such scenarios demand the full expertise  and problem  solving ability  of  our  in-house engineering  and technical team  in  order to ascertain the root of the problem and devise the most efficient and cost- effective solution. We are proud of  our track record for  assisting businesses in  regaining control over their automation through our highly developed PLC repair  skills.