QC activities to be performed by our QA/QC group as follows:


  • Tests and certification of craftsmen
  • Preparation of work procedures/method statements and job instructions.
  • Material control and verification.
  • Preparation and follow up of its own punch list before punch out.
  • Coordinates internal quality audits on project to verify implementation of the work instructions & project quality requirements and follow—up of corrective actions.
  • Submit weekly and monthly reports to client.
  • Submit two week look ahead schedule for construction and pre commissioning activities.
  • Monitoring welder’s status logbook and performance report.
  • Coordinates NDT activities.
  • Check maintenance and clearing of works.


  • Check cleanliness before backfilling.
  • Compaction test for sub—grade and back filling.
  • Check re-bar and form work prior to concrete pouring.
  • Preparation of bar bending schedules.
  • Asphalt related tests.


  • Verify the construction drawings and MTO to identify the materials.
  • Ensure the use of correct material.
  • Inspect all materials for correct type and damages.
  • Coordinate the construction activities as per schedule.
  • Checking and inspection of pipe spool fit—up.
  • Checking erection of spool fit—up.
  • Checking and inspection of on—going works.
  • Monitoring welder performance.
  • Verification of welding parameters
  • Verification of NDT reports


  • Check excavation, sub-grade elevating & compaction
  • Preparation of pipe bedding & compaction fast
  • Check laying of pipe (Lifting, Placing & alignment-coordinates )
  • Lamination of pipes as per the approved recipe.
  • Thickness of lamination and bar col(Hardness)
  • Test after curing
  • Hydro static pressure testing
  • Back filling layer by layer with suitable material and compaction & compaction testing