The quality management system of our company has established and maintained in order to achieve continual improvements. Our aim is to meet project requirements by providing services that are undertaken to the highest professional standards, represent value for money and are delivered on time.

We shall pursue this aim through implementation of a quality management system involving all staff that will require;

  • To improve the customer satisfaction level.
  • To improve delivery of services to the Client
  • To update knowledge and skills of personnel’s & staffs through continuous orientation
  • TO improve the overall effectiveness of the organization through reduction of non—conformities.

Also, it is our policy that the facilities should be installed in strict conformance with the drawings, industrial standards & specifications. Local regulations and good quality practice during all phases of project and that to achieve this goal, and effective quality control and assurance plan be prepared and strictly adhered at all time.

We considered that establishing and maintenance for and effective quality control is our major responsibility, which starts with project managerprogressing through his staff down to each craft. Also, effectively perform quality control activities.

These general objectives are made measurable which should be achieved on time. The measurable Objectives are split up as targets of relevant functions and levels in the organization.

These Objectives are achieved within the time frame through the proper communication of the Objectives and facilitate the contribution Of each individual towards the continual improvement of the system.