H. S. E. Policy Statement

If is emphasized that the content of this manual is a basic “BAM international” policy an the proper implementation and compliance to the procedures and standards herein prescribe.


BAM International policy is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its staff, visitors and neighbors. Our full policy statement demonstrates this commitment. This policy is fully compatible and shall apply to all staff members of the company.

BAM International shall provide and maintain a working environment that is as safe and healthy as reasonably practicable at all places where the company’s staff or representative may work, both for our staff members, client or third parties using those facilities under our control or influence.

The company goals of client satisfaction, ongoing business development and long—term profitability are not in conflict with good safety practices.

On the contrary, a good safety record is of great benefit to our business, whilst a safe  and healthy working environment protects and encourages people, our most important asset.

BAM International in all its undertakings, experience has proved that the safe and efficient performance of work is more profitable and less time consuming than the “slipshod” approach. In recognition of this precept, company will constantly work toward:

  • The maintenance of safety and healthy environment.
  • Consistent adherence to safety operating practices and procedure to minimize accidents and misadventures.
  • Conscientious observance of project requirements as stipulated in the contract. SABIC construction safety manual and Saudi labour law.

Company appoints Safety Officers and male nurse to oversee the employee‘s health/safety needs. We will exercise its optimum efforts to safeguard the worker from any injury and damage or loss to properties by complying with the provision outlined in the contract and other special rules and regulations to include this program.

To prevent accident or incident and to markedly minimize hazards during the entire duration of the project, the safety organization of RAYAN will work closely with the client in the implementation of this policy and/or any other project safety policy to further alleviate the construction safety.

All relevant statutory requirements will be complied with, at all times. These will be considered as a minimum standard and where reasonably practicable will be exceeded where it is necessary to meet the spirit of this policy.


BAM International is committed to sound environmental performance by minimizing the impact of our activities, products or services on the environment. Our goal is to reduce waste, emission and discharges, and use energy efficiently.

We recognize each one of us are responsible for conducting our daily business in a way that allows us to achieve our goal. We seek continual improvement and the adoption of industry-best practice in to all our environment control systems. We shall comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulation.

Environmental effects can be to land, water or air. Additionally nuisance (noise, dust, etc.) at the boundary fence has an environmental impact on neighbours.

The design of new buildings and refurbishment of existing ones will be effected with due regard to good building practice, energy conservation, minimum wastage of resources and safe systems of collection of pollutants.


The project in-charge has the responsibility to ensure that all applicable safety regulations are made known and complied with on this project. He shall also promote individual safety awareness in an effort to recognize and eliminate unsafe working conditions and practices, which may not be specially covered in the regulations.

The safety Manager shall make request to visit the work sites to enforce the training program. Training is an integral part of the day-today job training, which he administers to the men working under his direction. Safety Officer shall point out safety hazards inherent in the work to be done, and shall familiarize his men with the tools and equipments which shall be used in ding the work, particularly stressing correct and safe operating procedures.