We  are  considered  as  most  renowned  organization  in  market,  engaged in offering wide range of consumables and spares for all  types and size of generators. An excellent and widely experienced  after-sales support system, and a history as a foremost name in the market makes us a reliable choice also for customers who would like to carry out maintenance on their own, with avid advice on choosing spare components.

Our  extensive  range  includes,  Electronic  Components  such  as modules, governor cards, Hz Meter, Ampere Meter, Volt Meter, DC Volt  Meter,  Fuel  Solinoied,  Key  Switch,  Emergency  Switch,  Self Starting   Relay,   Phase   Failure   Telemechanic   Relay,   Magnetic Contactor, Hour Meter, Battery Chargers.

Original Alternator Spare Parts including AVR, Diodes Assembly.  Control Panels including ATS, AMF and Synchronizing Panels  Electrical  Parts  like  safeties,    dynamo  and  self  starter,  breakers Original  Engine  Spare  Parts,  Mechanical  Parts  including  radiator, fuel injection pumps, Housing Diesel Filter, Hose Pipes, Below pipe for Silencer, Gas Kits, Water Body, Main Oil Seal, fuel filters, oil filters, air filters and Lubricants.