Quality control Engineer will train the site Engineers/site supervisors to take his role in his absence for preparing and executing the site jobs as per the standards and approved drawings & materials and obtain client inspector approval in RFl’s as detailed under.

  • Work wise : Proper execution after site preparation as per specifications and approved drawings.
  • Safety wise : Proper barricades, flash lights, sign boards etc. around the work area.
  • Documentation : Proper work permits, RFI certificates, temporary access etc. for proceeding the work.

The QA/QC Engineer will periodically pay site visits as per the schedule, and implement quality and standards in all works by explaining the salient features of each type of work and relevant specifications to project in-charge and preparing check lists for each work for the guidance.


Following is a brief summary of inspection and test activities required to ensure the quality and compliance of the construction, mechanical installation and fabrication as per the drawings and specifications.

Our QC group and some by other will perform most of these activities on behalf of “BAM International“ in which case we will make sure that subcontractors will perform their client’s specifications.

Though the QC group will not be responsible for the design philosophy. Verification of compliance with client approval documentation is required.

Drawing interpretation and on—field problems as well material problems will deal with among QC group and supervisors. And client representative will be informed.