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Maintenance Services

We are specialized in repairing services where we accurately reveal, recover, restore the repair services of generators, motors, compressors, welding machines, electronic drive, PLC’ s & cards etc.

BAM International believes the key to its success is a cooperative approach aimed at meeting the needs of its customers culminating in the delivery of a quality of service that exceeds their expectations.

Repairing services are undertaken at our fully equipped workshop facilities by our own highly skilled technicians. Using the latest test bench equipment, we can test and calibrate to the relevant manufacturers specifications. We diagnose, service, repair and maintain. Our workshops are regularly updated with the latest and most sophisticated servicing machinery available in the market. Our technicians provide genuine, honest down-to-earth advice with a genuine passion for getting the best performance and reliability.

Repairing Services

  • Generation
  • Motors
  • Compressors
  • Welding Machines
  • Electronic Drive, PLC’ 5 & Cards