We are specialists with a proven track record of diagnosing and repairing electronics  control  cards  for  heavy  equipments.  With  a  wealth  of experience in electronics testing and maintenance, We can find and fix faults in heavy equipments control cards, PCBs, Bus Can, wiring and other electrical and electronic issues.

Where possible we carry out this work on your premises in order to minimize  time,  cost  and  disruption  to  your  normal  business  operations  and  profitability.  Alternatively  we  can  take  delivery  of  the  non-functioning  machine and carry out work in our jubail workshop.

Heavy Equipment are expensive pieces of process that are vital to the  operation of many businesses. When they break down, it can cause major  interruptions to productivity that hurt your business bottom line. Our expert  repairs  have  helped  numerous  companies  who  have  found  themselves  faced with little other option than shelling out big money for a brand new  machine.