Power outages can be more than just an inconvenience. BAM International has proudly supported as a service provider. Our experienced team of service and professionals are here 24/7 for all your emergency needs. We not only provide emergency service & we can source rental equipment as per your requirement. We are truly your one stop company in a power emergency. Do you know what it would take to get you up & running should you lose power unexpectedly? Our rental team would be happy to put together an emergency power plan for you so that in the event you do experience an unforeseen power outage, you’ll be two steps ahead of the game & reduce your down time by as much as 50%. Whether you already know what you need or you have one of our rental specialist put together a plan for you, we can offer you guaranteed availability.

Anyone can provide 24/7 emergency service, but not all 24/7 emergency services are the same. We have two on call supervisors at all times & two on call technicians at all times. We are here when you

need us! BAM International is proud of the fact that we provide unparalleled customer service whether you’re calling to schedule a planned visit or you’re calling in an emergency. Customer satisfaction is our priority! Call us anytime; we’ll make smooth operation back for you!