Integrity, Excellence and Innovation are the pillars of BAM values. Our attribute of honesty and credibility sustain BAM culture. Our reputation of accountability built over many years is our legacy for the future. Uphold our principles, adhere to our ethics and support to our fundament. We are working many as one, towards the goal, delivering safe, sprint and quality solutions to our customer needs. We are proud of what we do, We are BAM  Our highest standards of business are the result of the efforts and entrepreneurial spirit, of an experienced and knowledgeable team, together with our solid track record. Moreover, the philosophy of our team is to constantly challenge those standards and raise the bar for continuous improvement. Where we stand today has only been made possible through the efforts and dedication of our teams and their contribution, and for that, I thank them.

Moving further along the path of progress, we are proud to provide our main services Trading, Contracting and maintenance Services. This has been made possible by the improved performance of the companies over the years, and their distinction as market players, both locally and internationally.

From both personal and business experience, I can safely affirm that success and growth can only be realized through dedication, commitment and productivity. It is the belief of the BAM team, that commitment means going that extra mile to accomplish our defined goals, cater to our clients’ needs and deliver returns to our stakeholders, employees and partners. For all of the above reasons, we have established BAM with the target of helping youth to train their mind sets and philosophy towards careers and life development.

We firmly believe that we have an obligation to contribute and utilize our experience and expertise for the development and benefit of our beloved country. In spite of the many challenges we face, I am confident of our future accomplishments. With the collaboration, dedication and experience of our teams, we possess all the resources necessary for sustainable growth. We are on the right path, and I ask you to stay aligned and focused on our common goals, maintain a positive spirit and continue to strive for excellence. I am confident, that with the knowledge,competitiveness and expertise of our team, together with our comitment to our values and our focus on the growing opportunities that lie ahead, we will pave the way to a successful future and deliver profitable returns to our stakeholders,employees, partners and clients.


Fares A. Al-Anazi

CEO BAM Intl. Cont. Est.